ENVI Committee March 21st Meeting

The next meeting of the European Parliament Environment Committee will be held on the 21st March in Brussels.

INSPIRE is item 11 on the agenda. The documents for this meeting are currently being assembled and can be found at the following URL as they are completed:


Analysis Of Second Reading Amendments provides a guideline to which of the amendments that are currently publicly available are of particular relevance to open access to public geodata.

If you want to help guarantee that access to public geodata in Europe is not withheld by a series of concerns over intellectual property rights, then ContactYourMEPparticularly if they sit on the ENVI committee to explain the reasons why they should consider accepting, or rejecting, the second reading amendments.

Contact ENVI Committee Members directly; we’ve collected email addresses for the MEPs where they are made publically available.

At this point in time and over the next 15 days or so the rapporteurs require our support. This can be provided by providing information that justifies the amendment or otherwise being put forward.

The outcome of the 21st March 2006 meeting will be an approved set of amendments that will then go forward to the next stage in the second reading of the INSPIRE Directive within the European Parliament.