About this campaign

This campaign was started by Jo Walsh and Benjamin Henrion, who were astonished to see how little public debate there is about the Inspire directive and public geodata in general. Many directives in Brussels are discussed behind the scenes in closed rooms in the Council or the European Parliament, and there are few mainstream media sources reporting on these complex issues.The campaign was made possible both with grants from the EU and donations from different businesses and individuals. One establishment that made the most considerable contribution to this project was an online sports betting site that you can check out by going here. Visit their site and take advantage of their incredible live betting options, perfect for those that like to place their wagers while a game is in progress.

About Jo Walsh

Jo Walsh is a software developer, writer and self-appointed organizer whose interests lie in the intersection of bots, the semantic web, geospatial standards, wireless networks, and intelligent transportation systems. With support from the Open Knowledge Foundation, she makes efforts to raise awareness on access to information issues. Jo is also the co-author of the book “Mapping Hacks” at O’Reilly editions.

Contacts: JoWalsh – jw@frot.org – http://frot.org

About Benjamin Henrion

Benjamin has studied Geographic Science at the University Catholic of Louvain (Belgium). He has participated in the lobbying with the FFII (Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure) around the controversial directive on software patents since 2000, which led to the rejection of the bill in july 2005. His main interests are in Geographical Information Systems, and in Computer Science. He is a user of GRASS, PostGIS and Mapserser and has used ESRI Arcview and Idrisi software during his studies. He has organised a conference on Geo Mapping in 2003.

Contacts: BenjaminHenrion – bh@udev.org