1. Find your MEP:
    • You can try the European Parliament Website which has a MEP search facility [1]

    • If you are in the UK, WriteToThem allows you to find, and write to, appropriate MEPs for your area by looking up your postcode [2]

  2. What to write:
    • Explain who you are and what you do (or your business of organisation does) so that it will be clear how INSPIRE affects you
    • Explain why open access to state-collected geodata matters to you
    • Explain what your concerns are with the directive.
      • Read Arguments and Problems With Inspire

      • Be specific and try to explain how this affects you

    • Explain what you would like to see changed/maintained.
      • The Parliament’s ENVI committee has already voted for a good set of amendments

      • The important thing now is to ask them to stand by those amendments and to not let the Council take them out
    • Close by thanking them for their time.

[1] If we had public domain access to the geographic data that describes what MEPs represent different regions in Europe, and the geodata that would allow us to tell what region you were in from an address or postal code, then we’d be able to quickly build a web service that would allow you to find, and contact, relevant MEPs across Europe straight away.

Because there is no public geodata in Europe, we can’t do that ourselves.

[2] They had to beg and borrow this data through partnerships with people who had institutional and commercial licenses. Crown Copyright over the data prevents them from letting other people piggyback on their service.