Public Geodata: Watches for Men and Women

Watches are an essential fashion accessory for today’s men and women. Other than females, males also wear this ornament for not only keeping a track of time but to assert their fashion sense as well as their social standing and geo spatial data. There are various features that when combined make an exclusive and an interesting watch for any gender. The four most important features for picking up is face color, strap style, face shape, and strap material.

Face color:

The background color of the dial of an ordinary watch can make it look extraordinary. The options for face color is limitless in today’s fashionable world, from jewel-toned colors such as sapphire and emerald to everyday, common colors, for instance, black, white, pink and so on.

Strap style:

Once the face color is decided upon, a decent and a complementary strap style is required. Usually mild and subtle colors of straps are available for men’s watches; however, any gaudy colors will perfectly work for females and thus are accessible in the market. There are also several options such as chains or traditional links, most essentially for women watches, whereas simple straps for men are preferred.

Face shape:

Face shape may not be as significant as the face color of a watch, but it can potentially make a simple watch look interesting. Even though the conventional circular watch face is still liked and well accepted, other shaped dials such as oval, rectangular and square are also in demand.

Strap material:

A wide range of strap material is offered, including rubber, leather and different kinds of metallic styles. Each material has its own exceptional look, meant to be worn in accordance to the occasion and one’s personal comfort and style. Metal straps are found to be more appropriate for formal events. On the other hand, leather straps are preferred for everyday wear.